What Risk Factors Include When You Have Carpet In Your House

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Getting your house child-proof is a headache in itself. Every little detail and every little corner matters as these things can potentially possess a great risk to your child. Children are just like little explorers, they like to touch, tug and chew everything they get their little hands on. They cannot differentiate between things that are safe or harmful to them. Even toddlers are so curious about everything that they go out on adventures to explore the house on their own. Child-proofing a house can be a tough task it may require so much hard work and dedication that it almost becomes impossible for expecting parents to do it hassle-free. There are many safety precautions that are publicized for the ease of parents.

There are many companies that specialize in childproofing any house. They come and take an estimate of the things that are to be done in order to make the house child-friendly. They can come with a team or individual people and can take up to four to five days to make the house completely child-proof. One thing that the expert stress a lot on in order to make house child-friendly is to take out any carpet if used in the house. The use of carpet in the house is thought to be unhealthy for children as they possess many health risks for newborn infants as well as toddlers. Some reasons as to why they use of carpets are prohibited in the house with children are given below. Click here for nylon carpet tile.

House of germs and bacteria’s

Carpets can never be cleaned properly no matter how much we tried. Even after a lot of scrubbing and sweeping the small bristles of carpet are able to hold germs firmly inside them. These bristles are full of germs and unwanted bacteria’s that are extremely harmful to children. Deep cleaning the carpet can only keep it clean for some days and in a matter of days, it can go back to its old self.

Breathing problems

Many children are born with breathing issues especially if they are pre-term. Newborns have a very fragile immune system and they are not able to cope with all the pollution and germs that are inhabited in the carpet. It is advised by the doctors as well as health experts to keep babies in the room which is not carpeted to keep them away from the airborne diseases and infections.

Choking hazard

Houses that have carpet in their children’s room are seen to be very comfortable of leaving their child on the floor, with the supervision of course. Leaving the child and its toys on the rubber flooring in Melbourne can possess a choking hazard for the child. Even licking and chewing the carpet can be the reason of transferring germs in baby’s mouth.